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What We Believe At The Ringer Hoops

Form shooting before volume shooting is essential

Without good mechanics, your only getting better at shooting worse. Here at the Ringer Hoops, we strongly believe you should start with perfect 30's with our patented system. It's been proven time and again, that great mechanics create great shooters.

If you can't shoot from free throw line, then do not back up

How will you ever become consistent from the 3 point line which is further than the free throw line, if you are not consistent from the free throw line which is closer?

Better to make a 100 free throws a day than shoot and miss 100 three pointers a day. We also strongly believe that muscle memory from a shorter distance with perfect form has to be mastered before backing up for longer shots.

If your form changes from free throw line to 3 point line, that is a problem

Shooting with perfect form from free throw line, then hoisting, turning or chunking the basketball from the 3 point line is an indication of poor strength. It is counter productive and We strongly discourage this at the Ringer Hoops. We believe that How you shoot from 10 feet should be the same as how you shoot from 15 feet, or 23 feet.

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