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4 Spots on the Court to Practice Shooting


The elbows are where the free throw line meet the lane line. Many game shots come from this area. This is a common spot for Flashing from the block and shooting off the catch for forwards.

Attacking the elbows with one dribble pull up shots are often taken by guards, and known as "midrange."


3 pointers from the baseline corner are common on the shot charts of shots taken by many basketball teams regardless of level.

Sweep and one dribble pull-ups or mid-range shots parallel to the baseline are great places to practice. Learning how to make layups on both sides of the rim are extremely important.

Free Throw Line Extended

Take the free throw line and visualize it stretching to the 3 point line. This is the wing area.

Practice shot fakes with one dribble pull ups inside the 3pt line before practicing 3 pointers.

The Nail

The Nail (also known as the center of the free throw line) is not only a place to line up to shoot free throws, but also an area to attack from the top of the key.

Practice shot fakes and one dribble pull ups at the nail before practicing your 3 pointers from the top of the key.

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