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Product description


The Full Barrel Small Group Pack is a coach's ultimate weapon to teach precision shooting as team! It is also ideal for players to use at home to practice mechanics training! Using it consistently will help your team validate what they're doing right so they can keep repeating it, and learn what's wrong so that they can improve on it.


What’s Included?


- 6x Ringer Guide Hands

- 6x On-Target Shooting Sleeve

- 6x Carry Bag

- 1x PDF Instructional

- 4x Downloadable Instructionals

Includes training instructional & drills to perfect your form


Features & benefits

By using The The Free-Throw Basketball, your players will :


✅ Be able to participate in more efficient volume shooting drills as a team.


✅ Be held accountable for at-home training. Coaches can teach teams how to form shoot then send them home with our tool for homework.


✅ Create proper alignment to the basket and force proper mechanics before, during, and after the shot


✅ Match our unique markers on the guide hand & sleeve, creating a "pause," allowing players to see needed corrections, providing instant feedback


✅ Build Self-Confidence, knowing exactly the reason why they are successful, and be able to improve on why they are not, reducing frustrations


Who is it for?


Players of all ages looking to develop a more consistent shot


Teams looking for a way to teach perfect shot mechanics together


Parents looking to teach their kids correct shooting mechanics


Coaches looking for a way to hold their players accountable


Shipping Policy


We offer free shipping and our products are being shipped daily via USPS. Please expect delivery in 3-5 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information once your purchase has been shipped.

Full Barrel Small Group Pack

Color: Black
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