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The Full Barrel Small Group Pack is a coach's ultimate weapon to teach precision shooting as team! It is also ideal for players to use at home to practice mechanics training! Using it consistently will help your team validate what they're doing right so they can keep repeating it, and learn what's wrong so that they can improve on it.


*Have players of different sizes?  No problem!  We are going to give you both size options for the Spot-On Shooting Sleeves with this package.  So you can fit everyone just right!*

The Ringer Full Barrel Team Pack

    • 6 Ringer Guide Hand Aids
    • 6 Spot-On Shooting Sleeves YOUTH
    • 6 Spot-On Shooting Sleeves ADULT
    • 6 Carry Bags
    • 1 Free-Throw Pro training basketball
    • 1 picture instructional insert and PDF Instructional
    • QR code to access video Instructionals

    Includes training instructional & drills to perfect your form

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