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Sharp Shooter Elite Bundle

Sharp Shooter Elite Bundle

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1 RINGER Guide Hand mechanic (For off hand) 

1 RINGER  On Target shooting sleeve (For shooting arm)

1 RINGER  Free Throw Basketball 

1 RINGER Carry Bag (Keep gear together, from gym to backyard) 

1 PDF  Instructional

4 Video RINGER DETAIL  Instructions (Includes drills extra detail)


This ELITE BUNDLE combines the unique markers of the Sharp Shooter Full Barrel, for perfect mechanics, with the alignment to the basket through our Free Throw Pro Basketball not only gets you on your way to becoming a more accurate, consistent, & confident shooter, but also a high percentage free throw shooter!  Use The Ringer Guide hand training aid with the On-Target shooting sleeve in order to position both arms and hands correctly for perfect alignment, Before & During the shot. The Free throw ball teaches athletes how to line up correctly. Matching our unique markers creates a “Pause” After the release of a shot.  This “Pause” allows players to see needed corrections, providing them with instant visual feedback on every practice shot.  This ultimately helps create perfect form & a consistent shot.   If you can’t “Pause” to check your follow through, you can’t change it.  Understanding what you are doing wrong to change it, and Validating what you are doing right, so you can repeat it, is the only way to ensure you are getting better.  Players can check everything on their follow through, learn perfect form, & add some accountability to their training!  Coaches can hold their players accountable! This shooting package is ideal for athletes to use in backyard, in the gym or on the blacktop.  It is also perfect for teams, clinics, groups & camps looking to have the ultimate shot training system be a product that is durable, simple to use & produce results. Ideal for any athlete at any level gain a competitive advantage & build self-confidence!  



"Tremendous Product!

We use everyday during form shooting & some of our team shooting drills."

Coach Jamie Stewart 


"Easily the best ways to teach kids how to shoot correctly. I ask all my parents to purchase this for their kids, because they can use it from home.  Thank you to the Ringer Team for coming up with the details we needed to help our players quickly become better shooters!" -  Coach Seth M.



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