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"The Thing we struggled with was the positioning and disciplining the guide hand of our players.  Our players improved through Ringer's replication of these same movements. It helps on too many other fundamentals to list, but this product has drastically improved our players shooting proficiency. Coaches like me are going to love this product because we send our players home with a shooting coach, while we spend more time on Concepts and tactics."     


-Coach Paul Smith,  Briarwood Christian School

The Ringer has helped both my boys with their shooting form and their shots are sinking! This Tool is awesome to help with any age. Highly Highly recommend!!!!  


-Allyson Herritt, parent


Talor Herrit,

High School Senior

Hunter Herrit,

High School Sophomore

"The Ringer is the product that takes the excellent teaching of Coach Piazza and puts that teaching into the hands of a player. We have been blessed by experiencing the detailed shooting instruction personally from the coach and are Super excited that this is now available to everyone."


-David George, parent

I’ve played basketball at every level as a 6'6 swing man. After training with the Ringer and Coach Piazza, I have actually turned into an elite shooting guard. I needed this in college so bad, but I am glad to have it now. The confidence I gained through the Ringer, has allowed me to make major changes without the weight of being tied to years of bad habits. The fact that I can validate what I am doing right with both arms and hands is a game changer.   

Boss pic.001.png

-Levintrice Grey, Pro Basketball Player


The Ringer has helped me improve my shot in many ways. Even at a pro level, I am shocked that I can still improve my shooting so much. It helped me to learn how to "Dip" when I shoot. It also forced my shooting hand to have more control over the ball and my guide hand from turning, while keeping my firm pressure into the side of the ball for stability.    

-Steve Willis, pro basketball player

The Ringer took My shot from "Flat" to a major improvement of my arc. It forced me to get my shooting hand under the ball and completely flexed back. As I come up and check my arc lines on the Ringer, I can see that I am getting more lift. It really teaches you how to gather and dip into your shot. I wish I had this in high school and college.  

-Brandon Davis Pro Basketball Player

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