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What makes your shooting percentages go down?

Percentages decrease 7% for every dribble you take before shooting

Look, it's ok to come up with creative ways to use a 2 to 3 dribble combo move to create space for a jump shot. However, that needs to be about 20% of how you practice shooting. Most in game shots simply come off of the catch requiring zero dribbles.

Percentages decrease when you take silly shots.

You could be a great shooter, but if you take forced shots every game, your percentage will fall. Great shooters have great basketball IQ too!

Percentages decrease when you do not hold a tight barrel

Drifting your shooting arm from rim gives no hope for solving consistency problems. Dropping your guide hand causes you to turn you shoulders and cross-shoot. Hold guide hand and Shooting arm follow through up, keeping the width of the two hands the size of the ball through the release. If you let the shooting barrel fall apart you not know where to start building a sustainable shooting form.

Percentages decrease when you don’t start in the shot pocket

Starting your shot well below your belly button, not only puts you at a disadvantage to get your shot off, but it also lends itself to a lot problems between the margin of space it takes to get the ball to the shot window.

Percentages drop if you shoot off the dribble and do not take a power dribble

A soft dribble that makes you gather the ball below the belly button is a sure way to a slower shot that is contested. I hard power dribble creates the bounce needed to gather the ball at a higher spot into the shot pocket. So you can take a uncontested shot thus increasing your accuracy rate.

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