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7 Tips to Improve Shooting Mechanics

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

1. Hold your Shot Barrel Up

The shot barrel is the width of the ball between both hands. After the Shot the space between your perpendicular guide hand and shooting arm should remain the width of the ball.

2. Keep Guide hand Perpendicular to the Ball

Picture your guide hand like a "Strait Edge" and the ball as the "Pencil Lead". 5 fingers of guide hand should be pointing towards the Rim upon release.

3. Do Not Drift Your Shooting Hand Away From Rim

Many Shooters make the mistake of drifting their Shooting Arm away from the Rim. The Ball Subsequently Drifts Left or Right of the Rim.

4. Start In The Shot Pocket

Start your shot between the belly button and sternum on every shot. If it’s a low pass off the catch, continue to pull the ball into the pocket before shooting. Take a pound dribble to get you into the shot pocket if you are practicing shots off the dribble

5. Watch the Rim Not the Ball

If you watch the ball when you shoot, you have taken your eye off the target.

6. Dip Into Every Shot

Front of shoulders over toes with head knees bent and ball in the shot pocket, creates a rhythm and keeps your shot from being flat. "Every Great Shooter Dips into Their Shot" Jeff VanGundy

7. Wrinkles In Both Wrist

Perpindicular Guide Hand should have firm pressure into side of ball. Elbow should be slightly out and will reveal Wrinkles in the Guide hand Wrist. The Shooting wrist should be under the ball and "cocked back" revealing wrinkles in the shooting wrist. Wrinkles in the wrist in the shot pocket!

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