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Individual & Partner Shooting Drills

2 players Inside-out shooting

Be it a dribble drive and kick or a post to guard feed, this is how most shots occur. Therefore you want to imitate this inside-out type of game shot. One player is the rebounder (usually under the basket) and should bust his or her tail getting the rebound from shooter. Shooter should only move to another spot, ONLY when the rebounder has possession of the ball, so that shooter is in motion when he or she catches the ball to shoot.

3 players

The other outside shots occur on a ball swing around the ARC. With 3 players, 1 is the rebounder, 2nd player is the passer positioned somewhere around the arc to mimic a ball swing to the shooter. Shoot 25 and rotate.

How to move without ball with partner shooting

It's vital important that the shooter only moves Towards the pass or fades away from the pass upon receiving the pass. Be it inside-out in 2 player shooting or Ball swing shots with 3 player shooting.

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