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Better Accuracy From The Free Throw Line

1. Understand where the Nail is

The Nail is in the center of the free throw line on wood courts. It was used to line up the rim to the lane lines and paint a circle. Again, the nail is at the free throw line and aligned to the rim.

2. Line Feet up To Nail

If you are Right handed, your right toe should be in line with the nail. If you are left handed, your left toe should be lined up to the nail.

3. Stagger Your Feet

Staggering your opposite foot 1/2 way back from the dominating foot on the nail and shoulder width apart sets you up for a balanced free throw.

4. Shooting Hand Placement

Your shooting hand (index finger) should be on the valve stem and the rest of the fingers spread out around the index finger. This makes sure the ball comes off the index finger and middle finger at same time.

5. Dip Into Shot & Finish on Toes

With shoulders over toes, eyes on the rim and the index finger in line with dominate toe against the nail, you are aligned dipped and ready to come up and shoot. When the ball is released, you should be up on your toes like you are reaching into the rim. Toes should not leave ground.

6. To heck with a routine on a FT.

The Nail never moves, the distance never moves and the valve stem never moves. Your ability to consistently align yourself on a FT IS the routine!

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