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5 Tips For Better Practice Shots

1. One Dribble Pull Ups

If you ever watch game film, you will quickly realize that when a defender closes out on a shooter, they often leave the ground on a ball fake. One dribble right or left creates the space needed. Only in the NBA do players dribble the air out of the ball.

2. Practice 80% of Your Shots Off the Catch

When we practice by ourselves, we often rebound for ourselves, dribble out and shoot again. However most shots are taken off the catch. If you have a partner, one should rebound and pass while the other shoots 20 to 30 high intensity reps. Then swap.

3. Receive Shots off the Catch From the Side

Roll the ball to yourself from left to right and Vice Versa. Without dribbling pull the ball into the shot pocket and shoot. This emulates a ball swing, which is realistic.

4. Practice 80% of shots from the Corners & Wing

Because of increases in Dribble Drive offenses, teams drive into lane to pull a defender off of a shooter. The shot more often than not occurs from the corner or wing after the ball is kicked or passed.

5. Move to The Ball or Away from Ball Off the Catch

Stop standing in the same place when practice shooting. Always position yourself for a shot by putting yourself at an angle that the ballhandler can see you and a passing lane.

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